Monday, April 20, 2009

Political Reptiles

What is it about a differing political opinion that can make one defensive, or just plain rude? I've encountered plenty of usually nice people, who will "attack" at the slightest differing political opinion (I've even done it myself plenty of times).  I want to hear thoughts on this. Why do politics affect us this way? Is it really about the issues & politicians or is it more about the ideals behind them?  Or is it  just a way to validate ourselves, proving that we're right?....b


  1. Some people base their arguments on emotion and some base their arguments on fact. Some base their arguments on both fact and emotion. When you have someone who cannot argue facts they might feel backed into a corner and come out attacking with generic talking points instead of responding to any question with a valid argument. It is the "because i said so" we often give to our children when they catch us off guard asking "why can't I", and we don't have a valid answer. Those who react that way I think might feel superior in their status over those they debate and simply expect the other to just blindly agree with them "because they said so". Unfortunately they are often blindly following someone else "because they said so". Try questioning trillions in wasteful spending and ask how can the president can boast of "cutting wasteful spending" of 100 million? There IS NO valid argument. Or passing all of his ear marks after a campaign filled with the promise of "no earmark will go unexamined" and he would go "line by line, etc". Or about "transparency" when NO ONE read the biggest spending bill in history. Or putting lobbyists into his staff after campaign promises of "no lobbyist". I can go on and on and the answers just get more and more juvenile. My favorite so far is "why didn't you complain when Bush doubled the deficit?". Uh, we did, the Democrats did and the Republicans did. They voted for "change" and got 10 times the deficit instead and a bunch of angry people defending the inexcusable. After a while, just bringing the proof of peoples BAD JUDGEMENT up will just TRIGGER a defensive reaction which most often than not comes in the shape of hostility and anger.

    And in the proverbial words of Forest Gump..."That's all I got to say about that"...

  2. "When you have someone who cannot argue facts they might feel backed into a corner and come out attacking with generic talking points instead of responding to any question with a valid argument."

    I think this sentence pretty much sums it up. When we are thinking with our brain stem or reptilian brain, we are not using logic, or even really thinking. we are merely reacting. Since we're not thinking, the only responses we can offer are rage & practiced (or non-thinking) taking points.

    your political points are right on. Bush, to the liberals, is the author of all things evil, past & present (which gives him quite a bit of power, considering the dope they think he is); while Obama comes in doing the same things, only more extreme, & he's being looked to as the savior.

  3. i'd say it is a little of column b and a little of column c, for me at least

    i will RARELY defend a politician or party anymore as they are slowly melting into one group as they all strive to sell their ideals and the ideas that they talked about to get elected in order to accrue more power

    but i see what this country was founded on and what it used to stand for and where it is headed and get frustrated, saddened and even threatened, so i think i react against that and not the person and what they are talking about (luckily or providentially, i do not have a public forum to blast people that disagree with me like the fellow did to Miss CA just for having a valid opinion (that is based on solid truth), my friends who agree with me just bare the brunt of it)

  4. I notice that when you speak "important" to people they either glaze over and detach, change the subject, make jokes, get defensive and once in a WHILE they agree and engage. The percentage would have to be less than 5% of the time they are wiling to THINK for a moment. THEN when the things I bring up come to fruition they act all surprised, shocked and angry.

    The reason why Obama can "do no wrong" is because if he does than 54 percent of the country who preached his perfection would have to realize that the "Messiah" is just Jimmy Carter in disguise times 5. This country needs HOPE and for them he is all they have left. The political aspirations of the Left to take control over Washington for years to come will NEVER be seen as a reason for his actions (just a bi-product). We have become a nation of people with feelings of "entitlement" instead of feelings of "motivation". I have 8 skills that I have utilized for the last 23 years that will generate income for me and my family. I have NEVER collected unemployment and never applied for public assistance. That is out of PRIDE and nothing else.

    I pray we bring PRIDE (not arrogance) back to America, SELFLESSNESS instead of SELFISHNESS, HONOR and not SHAME (as Obama apologizes for us day after day) and Pride (ditto).

    This country has gone through 20 Recessions since the for thought. NO PRESIDENT has EVER spent more than ALL of the previous Presidents COMBINED to expand government borrowing from COMMUNIST countries with low human rights laws.

    I can go on and on and on as you can tell but I do have hope. It takes time for "the people" to wake up". When the liberals who preach his word get SLAMMED in new taxes, costs of living and lowered quality of life in a few years they will ask, "Is this Bush's fault?" NO it is Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, etc...

    The pendulum swings...but eventually it ends up in the middle...eventually.