Saturday, September 5, 2009


I have been reading a lot of Martha Beck’s and SARK’S articles on the importance of sleep in getting things done. I have found them most inspirational since I know firsthand the importance of sleep. I went at least a year of being sleep deprived.
I felt overworked and got very little done.

Sleep is very underrated and so often, gets bad press, that it’s understandable that people don’t recognize the benefits of it.

On Martha Beck’s website, she talks about The Adequate-Sleep Life-Enhancing Experimental Project (ASLEEP), you are encouraged to get a full night’s sleep. Instead of relying on caffeine to wake you up, you just take a nap.
She says in her blog:

“I made a radical decision: I would put sleep above all other priorities until I was no longer tired. Every night, I would sleep until I woke up. I would consume no stimulants, and I would go back to dreamland whenever I felt fatigued.

When I woke up six weeks later, the whole world seemed shiny and attractive, like Patrick Stewart’s head. I was filled with ideas. My eye-bags had shrunk to the point where they looked less like Hefty garbage disposal units than tasteful evening clutches. I felt an inner peace I thought came only from enlightenment or horse tranquilizers.”

A blogger concurs saying,
“I have definitely noticed that by late Sunday afternoon or early evening, I’m bloody brilliant and could easily run the world while standing on one leg juggling cats.”

I think this is a great idea, but don’t know how realistic it is. I may be forced to build a George Costanza-esque bed under the counter at the Starbucks I work at. I’m sure the customers won’t bother me.

I’m going to give it a try. I encourage everyone to try it as well. Just don’t give up Starbucks!

c. 2009

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