Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Review of Waiting for Something to Happen by Jason Dube

by Brooke

Waiting For Something to Happen could be the story of my own entrance into the world of employment. Indeed, it could be any girl’s finding her career-niche story. Ko so perfectly depicts the malaise of a bored 20-something, accented by Dube’s pristine illustrations.

The star is a youngish girl who can’t stand her job. She is so entrenched in her boredom that she wishes for a really good depression, if only for something to do.

It brings back memories of overdramatizing small issues in the workplace not only as a way to feel important, but to amuse myself. Way back in the 80s, it was necessary to do this. Charlotte wasn’t as "happening" as it is now.

“When it comes down to it, I really hate people. I find them annoying and bitchy in general, but I guess it is just nice to feel wanted…at least occasionally,” she says.

The strips chronicle her mundane days in a job she loathes, sort of in a Clerks-esque fashion. The one thing she does enjoy is making copies, because it gives her an excuse to zone out and let her imagination run wild. I can identify with this, as this is the same reason I enjoy washing dishes at my job.

The dull workplace sets the scene for exciting adventures she creates in her own mind, including hiding in a jungle, dodging to avoid a bad review.

She swings between, fear and self-loathing to delusions of grandeur, and back to loathing, in a manner of minutes.

Waiting for Something to Happen is the brainchild of Norrie Ko, but it is a collaboration between Ko and artist, Jason Dube. Ko wanted to write something that was somewhat autobiographical. She states that “Waiting for something to happen” is a dark comedy because “it is reality, but one that can be laughed at.”

c. 2010


  1. This sounds like something I definitely need to check out! :)

  2. actually, i know jason through don ;)...b