Monday, September 27, 2010

No Contest: Night Owls, Early Birds

I found a blog today discussing the benefits of early risers as opposed to late sleepers.

The early bird gets the worm? Not always.
To me, there is no need for early birds and night owls to vie for success. Not only will they both be successful, but they will be less stressed if they work when they are most alert. I am most alert in the morning time. I get more done before 8 am than many people. However, don't ask me to do anything requiring thought after 5 pm, when I am at my most sluggish. Most "normal' people can get a lot done then. It all evens out.

The Zen Habits website tells us in the article, Simple Manifesto: Break Free from the Tyranny of the Clock;

"The clock is a very very recent invention, and even more recent is our modern society’s slavish adherence to the dictatorship of the clock.
Only very recently have we been forced to work from 8 to 5, and to go to school and follow a very rigid class schedule. Only very recently have we become obsessed with tracking and making use of every minute, so that we have things to do when we’re waiting for other things to happen."

You will be most successful working with your body's own clock, not necessarily the world's.

Your thoughts?


  1. I never have been a morning person. My dad IS, though, and so in my house if I've ever been up before 10AM he knows not to even talk to me! I am more of an afternoon-into-night type person. In fact, most of my best writing of any kind usually ends up getting done at night.

  2. that's so funny how people with different "clocks" have to adapt to each other ;) thanks, sabrina!....b

  3. Great post Brooke. But I'm neither a morning person or evening person, so what does that leave me...afternoon person? ;-)

  4. thanks, jonathan! you are indeed an afternoon person. you are probably busy being productive, while i am nodding off at my desk ;)
    thanks for the comment!....b

  5. I am a life-long night owl. My mom says that even when I was little i wouldn't want to go to bed before 9:00 (which was late for a toddler). Now, I rarely get in bed before midnight - more usually it is 1:00 o 2:00 a.m. before I get tired. Although I prefer the quiet, dark late night hours, I understand the morning bird's first sunlight appeal. The few times I'm awake at dawn, I realize how fresh and bright the first part of the day can be. I sometimes - gasp - think about becoming an early bird. I've tried. It doesn't work. I just feel really tired by mid-evening and then i'm disappointed that I can't stay awake until midnight. I'm just a night owl. It works for me. I completely agree with you, Brooke -- it doesn't matter when your best time is during the day as long as you find it and make it work for you. Thanks for this post! :)

  6. thanks for reading & commenting, kristen! i had to become an early bird. there is nothing more peaceful than the stillness of a new morning, i am usually out by 9pm though. so i wouldn't even know if the evening is peaceful ;)...b