Sunday, June 2, 2013

Every time I glanced at the calendar & saw May 30th circled, I would get a surge of excitement. [And not just because my birthday is the day before]. That was the scheduled closing date for my “new” condo. I am beyond excited. I am probably overblowing the fantastic-ness of it in my mind….but it’s pretty great.

Finally after all the weeding out the ‘maybes” from the “definitely nots,” and then the “absolutely” from the “maybes,’ it was all settled. We are moving to a much bigger, much cheaper condo not too far away from where we were. It is a new area of town, with lots of exciting, new things. I am truly dwelling in possibility, as Emily Dickinson describes.

May 30th has come and gone....The word is that it might be the following week, but most likely the week after that. My lease is up June 30. I was indulging the idea of a leisurely month to move. We could take our time painting and making upgrades, not to mention that I have 12 years of accumulated stuff that I cringe at the idea of sorting through.

The idea of having to do it all in a weekend or a shorter amount of time scares me, but cutting it so close scares me even more. There is a distinct possibility that we could have a week where we are homeless. Our parents are there for US in a bind, but what am I going to do with my STUFF? [This is a perfect teaser for a future post I foresee on learning to letting go of crutches, props and material things, but I digress…]

It's comforting that the most upsetting thing is also possibly the most adjustable, is that my ideas and plans were infringed upon. This happens, and I should be used to by now. There are more certain solutions to my fears. I can pay for an extra month, I can put my stuff in storage, and stay in a hotel. These would definitely not be my first choice, by any means. But last resorts are still options. 

I am slowly learning to make friends with uncertainty.  I will deal with whatever happens. If it’s good…great! If it’s bad, I will have plenty of material to write about!


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