Tuesday, September 30, 2014


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I was absolutely seething because some cheaters were allowed to win at trivia....last Thursday. It’s not that it was just last Thursday; it was many times before and will probably be many times after. This particular host has shown that he really doesn’t care and will not enforce cheating. I waste a lot of time and energy raging about it.

“Why?” You may ask. Because that means dirty, rotten cheaters are eating our well-deserved meal!

I spent a longer part of the afternoon venting to my boyfriend about it than I would have liked, threatening to hit “SEND” on the blistering email I had written to the host's boss. One of many.

“Why don’t you be like Baileys?” my boyfriend asked.  “She spent most of the morning fighting off two pitt bulls at the dog park Saturday. Some other dogs were picking on her. [Maybe they were playing, but it looked annoying to me.] You don’t see her raging about it. She doesn’t dwell on things. She just comes home, trots around with her pheasant and baby and is happy because she has a great life.”

He mimicked her walking around in pure bliss, like she does.
I thought about it. He was absolutely right, as usual.

Not that she didn’t give the two bullies a what-for at the dog park. She doesn’t stuff her emotions. If we leave and don’t take her with us, she just poops on the floor and calmly waits for us, then is really happy to see us when we get back. [actually, she doesn’t do that as much anymore].

The point is she doesn’t sit and pout about how unfair she thinks things are for her. She’s amazingly well-adjusted. She has plenty to distrust people about. She had a pitiful past filled with abandonment. She doesn’t let it shake her. As long as she has her “pack” [the three of us], Baileys is confident that everything will be ok and she doesn’t let anything get her down. Every day is a new day filled with fun and adventures.

c. 2014

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