Monday, October 25, 2010

Follow your bliss...

I’ve been able to catch up on my outside blog reading today. I found a great post by my friend, and fellow writer Sabrina Steyling, on her blog, Runnin’ Down a Dream.

Sabrina cites Ellen from Love That Max, as the inspiration for her post, What makes you happy - really, REALLY happy?

In it, she talks about making a “bliss list,” which is simply a list of things that make you smile. I think this is an ingenious idea, and can prove to be a useful reference during stressful times at work, 
when everything seems to be going wrong.

Is your boss yelling at you? Conflict with a co-worker or client? Just having one of those ineffective days? Refer to your “bliss list.”

What exactly IS a bliss list? I’ll share a couple from mine to get you started.

• The quiet stillness of a fresh new morning.

• The first stream of consciousness I get from a delicious cup of Komodo Dragon coffee.

• Laughing my head off in the midst of stress.

• Knowing I’ll be able to come home from a tough day to write, and mock whatever bad may have happened.

• Being able to wake up refreshed from an afternoon nap. [when I can].

What’s your bliss?

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  1. Love it! Ellen got the ball rolling, and hopefully it'll keep on going with people all making up "Bliss Lists." =)

  2. great inspirational post, sabrina! thanks so much for keeping the ball rolling! even the bible encourages bliss lists, [phil. 4:8]. no doubt, mine will help me get through today....b

  3. Thanks for this post, b! I think a Bliss List is a terrific idea!! I think "making a bliss list" may be one of the things ON my bliss list. :)

  4. thanks, kristen. "making a bliss list" is a fantastic addition to anyone's bliss list!...b