Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Interview with Patient Care Leader/ RN, Joellen Inman-Puckett

Joellen Inman-Puckett is by far, the cheeriest person I have ever met. She is always a breath of fresh air to our morning at the Cafe. I asked her how she keeps your wonderful disposition amidst working 2 very stressful jobs, along with being a wife/mother.

LEXAPRO! Hahahahhahahaha. Listen, in my line of work as a Patient Care Leader and ER nurse, I work with people who have REAL problems. I realized years ago that, if I'm not grateful for my abundant blessings, God may look down and give me a REAL reason to complain!  It can always get worse.  And it's two jobs, for which I am eternally grateful for in this economy when so many people can't find ONE job!  Wife/mother?  Well, the Lexapro DOES help...but I'm a nurturer, not a leader.  I don't think there's anything more pittibul than a patient in the hospital with no friends or family to care or visit.  I'm so grateful to have my family....again, it can all vanish in the blink of an eye!

I can't imagine you stressed. what would really flip your lid?

Well, I AM a natural redhead....and you know those Scotch-Irish genes run really strong in my family!  I have actually become hysterical when seeing an animal abused. I'm a mother hen by nature, so any type of neglect or abuse of those who can't fend for themselves, animals, children, elderly, really gets my hackles up.  I don't care WHO you are.  I can be a real mean-y....

And don't talk down or look down your nose at me. I grew up with a bit of a chip on my shoulder ("I'd rather be dead than red on the head") and it can rear it's ugly head from time to time...usually when I've been off the Lexapro for a couple of days.  Usually I consider the source and laugh it off, but sometimes.....  I once had a patient who was irritable due to the amount of post-procedure pain he was having. I was explaining the need for him to take deep breaths and cough, which was, of course, uncomfortable for him.  He asked "and WHY should I be listening to you?"  Before I could think I answered " Twenty seven years as a Registered Nurse and Two graduate degrees...do you REALLY want to continue down  this road?"  with the sweetest smile I could muster.  I told you the temper can flare at times!  Hehehehehe.

Could you describe your jobs, along with the things that really stress you out about them. 

I am a Patient Care Leader on a post-surgical unit during the week, and work in the ER about three Saturdays a month.  Unfortunately I'm seeing more and more patients who are seeking narcotics as an escape from their unhappy life (I can't do anything about that, Honey). And of course there are always more patient needs than nurses to cover them, so we are never as good as we would like to be.  But I figure, hey, you do the best you can, then let God take over. I believe God is in charge anyway, and all I can do is all I can do. 

Divas irritate me.  Diva patients, Diva doctors, Diva visitors.  Someone get out the preamble of the Constitution, because I do believe it states that ALL MEN (AND WOMEN) were created equal.  I am SOOOOO unimpressed with a person who feels the need to impress me.  Ungrateful people are a  pain in the arse.  Character comes from triumph over struggles. Divas avoid struggles.  

How do you handle your various stressors? Because you give off a very relaxed, ‘together” vibe. Tell us your secret of success.

Hahahahaha.  If you could see me at 0500 or before I fall in bed!!!!!!!  Hahahaha. I joke that, when coming out of the stairwell at work, people are inclined to ask for a CODE/CRASH cart because I look like I'm on my last breath!

Getting older is THE BEST!  I KNOW what I KNOW at 50, and plan on becoming more outrageous as I age!!! The great thing about this stage in my life, is that life is not about the appearances or shallow factors.  One KNOWS what matters.  I have realized, at the ripe age of 50, that no one CARES if I'm wearing mascara or not.  I'm no longer competing with the skinny girl to see who can be the prettiest, the thinnest, or the richest.  My goal is to be the one having the most fun...laughing the most...making a difference in the most lives I can. 

One of your nicknames is "pitbull RN," how can you be a pitbull and not be stressed? 

 I know what I know....do NOT mess with my family, my friends, or my patients.  You mess with them, you mess with me.  And if your mother didn't teach you right from wrong, I will.  Before you leave this world, you WILL know.   And if I die in the process, well, that's OK because I go to a better place and can haunt you the rest of your days!
Voila!  Ce'st PitbullRN!

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