Friday, July 1, 2011

The Anti-George?

The Seinfeld episode, George Does the Opposite is one of my favorites. Essentially, George thinks to himself, what I’ve been doing hasn’t been working, so from now on I’ll do the opposite. “I’ll become the Anti-George!”

A beautiful woman walks in the diner. He normally would think to himself, wow, she’s so out of my league. I could never talk to her. So he doesn’t, reinforcing his belief that she won’t talk to him.

But the anti-George walks confidently up to her, tells her with pride how he doesn’t have a job and lives with his parents. When he asks her out, she finds his openness so refreshing that she accepts.

Of course it’s meant to be funny, but I believe he might be on to something there. How often do I expect some change or innovation in my life, but keep embracing my old habits?

I am in the process of becoming the anti-Brooke, with regard to my lazy tendencies.
I often stress that there is not enough time in the day to write all I want to write. But then I muse to myself, how much time do I spend on Facebook, or on Sporcle? [my new nerdy hobby]. I’m making an effort to do the opposite of what I am naturally inclined to do, and work towards my goals.

I’ve really started to disdain the clutter in my apartment. If I continue to tippy-toe around the piles, nothing will change. I vow to make a proactive effort to purge and clean. If anything, just to have a more serene environment.

My new habits will be reinforced by success. If they’re not, perhaps it’s time to rethink them.

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  1. Great post, Brooke. This topic definitely sparked something in me - perhaps I, too, need to find my "anti-self" and start changing how I do/see things in life. It might just help me realize one of my dreams, or at least help me make some headway on my journey. :)

  2. thanks sabrina!! never thought i'd say this, but we could all probably stand to be a little more like george costanza!!...b