Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pursue your passion, and the rest will fall into place…

"Be careful what you set your heart upon, for it surely shall be yours." Napoleon Hill

My friend, Mary was thinking of starting a business. She’s wanted to start an art supply store/gallery for local artists for as long as I can remember. She’s an artist, but not much of a business person [as is common].

Just a cursory glance at all the stress that is involved in running a business from my own research was enough to deter me from anything like that. For me, the coolness would pale in comparison to all of the work and responsibility. But Mary has dreamed about this for years. She finally decided to make a go of it.

She jumped right in. It was hard! But Mary had such a vision and drive for this, though, that she almost thrived on the difficulties. She outsourced the things that she wasn’t good at; accounting, marketing, and everything that goes into business planning/execution. Even the phone system, for goodness’ sake!

She knew she needed a multi-functioning phone system, one with stationary and mobile capabilities. She knew she needed a receptionist, but couldn’t afford to pay for one. She need a fax machine, web hosting, PBX, voicemail; enough to make anyone’s head spin.

When she found out that she could combine all of her phone needs with one awesome company, even a receptionist, for goodness’ sake! Ring Central made her tasks a lot easier.

I have found that when you have a vision and a passion for something, small stressors don’t seem to matter as much. They might still be frustrating, but
you roll with things easier because you know they are a part of your ultimate plan.

By setting goals and living in the moment, we can experience this. Of course we won't be passionate about all of our goals, but it will reveal and pave the way to our true passion.



  1. When you're passionate about an idea, you can't not do it (double-negative ;))...or at least give it a try, even knowing there will be obstacles. I love how Mary focused on her strengths and let others cover her weaknesses (their strengths!). Now I'm curious how her business is going.

  2. you are absolutely right!! you know, i need to interview you, sometime!!
    because you, also, are a great example of this!!...b

  3. Hello! Just stopping by from Chris's Blog/forum. I turned my blog into a sole proprietorship last night, registered my EIN number with the IRS. I was doing so much blogging about a topic that I love, that it just seemed better then focusing on a temp day job all the time.

    Follow your passions, blog your passions, and you never know... Great things might happen!

    Good luck!

  4. Thanks so much for your comment & inspiration, Jeremy! Another true example of following your passion! Good luck to you too. What is your blog?...b