Sunday, June 24, 2012

Just another cheating Thursday Night

c. bsm 2012 
We arrived early to Buona Vida, our Thurday trivia spot. 
We were all crammed in the teeny Italian restaurant. 
I’m claustrophobic, so until I found out that their food is fantastic, 
it was my least favorite spot.

All the good teams are there, so it’s hard to win. Add that with the fact that we generally don’t do well at Kevin's, the host, shows anyway.

We were all laughing. One of the teams were using Boobzie koozies for their drinks. It was a lighthearted atmosphere. We were sitting behind a wall that blocked vision from the host and us. There were two tables behind the wall, Us and a family who was cheating.

I told Kevin that the large family beside us were using their cell phones to look up answers, high-fiving each other when they got the answer right. Because you know it was a high-five worthy accomplishment to cheat and get the answer right. Good job on looking up the right answer!

Kevin is used to us obsessively ratting out cheaters, so he just kind of nods his head and makes a mental note of it.

As the evening is going on, they are still looking up answers, despite the warnings not to. So Adam goes up and tells Kevin that they’re still doing it.

At this point Kevin goes behind the wall to tell them himself.

“Oh, we’re just having fun. We’re going to leave soon, we don’t want to win any prizes, or anything like that,” the father says.

“Ok, just know that you’re not going to win any prizes, ‘ Kevin says.

They kind of shrug, but go back to eating their dinner and leave when they are done.

The thing is, as soon as they were caught, they were going to deny any prizes. If they hadn’t been caught, I doubt they would have been so honest.


c. 2012


  1. Of course! Not the least of which were the cheaters. Oh, yes, they had kids there too ;)...b