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Living your dream: LuLu Schwall Make-up artist

c. Lulu Schwall, Makeup Artist
I’ve known Lulu for what seems like forever. We became great friends later in life. Ever since I’ve known her she’s had a passion for fashion and makeup. 

Lulu was born with a rare facial anomaly, and had many painful cosmetic surgeries at a very young age. As a result, she learned all sorts of makeup tricks and became very adept at covering up the scarring. She always looked great!

She had been a psychiatric counselor for years, but she always had an eye and a heart for the glitz of the runway. When she married, they moved away and started a family, but she also launched another segment of her dreams. She became a professional make-up artist and painter.

What made you decide to take the plunge and start your own business, Lulu Schwall, Makeup Artist ?

 I was on the phone with my sister, Lynette and she was talking about what she would have done with her life if she had to do it over. She said she would have been a lawyer. Then she asked me what I would have done (this was when I was at home after the birth of my daughter, Fiona). Well...I told her I would of been a makeup artist instead of a Counselor.  She replied,

Vogue Italia 
"Well, what's stopping you?"
"Nothing!“ I said,  “I am going to do this!!!!!!!!."
 ...and so it began.......

Ever since I've known you, you've always loved make-up and high fashion. Could you talk some about your love for it? Did you ever in a million years think that the techniques you used to cover your facial anomaly would, in essence be training for your dream job? 

c. luluschwallmakeupartist
Somewhere deep down inside, yes!  I love the "boom pow" that goes along with being a makeup artist I get all "school girl giddy" sometimes as I am working on a face.  That's how I know I am doing the right thing!!!!!  Its so awesome watching a person transform before my very surgery needed!

You've done some impressive work! Could you give a run-down of a typical day for you? 

I arrive at a shoot ...usually with friends...(made in the industry)...I unpack my makeup and start working. Models are truly some of the nicest people you will ever meet, contrary to popular opinion.  Models are people too!

Sometimes the shoot is more relaxed so we can small talk and sometimes deep convo's happen too. Other times, there is a time crunch and I have to just concentrate on the vision the photographer wants and get it done quick.  

Before any successes, what was the reaction from your family, your parents having somewhat of an investment in your counseling career?  
c. luluschwallmakeupartist

They were supportive...but they did not know that I would be on Vogue Italia's website only one year in. (neither did I)

How did you make the necessary connections?

Social media forums with all professions in the industry helped. If I see work from a photographer I like...I ask to work with them...then relationships are formed 

Any naysayers? 

Some catty people in the industry...they are just jealous and see me as competition...rightly so...

Tell me about your previous career. You liked counseling, no?

I did...but I was suffering major burn out!

In a sense you went from working on the psyche, or inside of people, to the outside. Can you talk some about the philosophy behind your company?

As far as my company philosophy it can be summed up in my tag line, "know your pretty.", and brains.... A woman can possess both at the same does not negate the other :)
c. luluschwallmakeupartist

What kinds of stressors do you deal with in your job as a make-up artist? 

Diva attitude, pressure to do a precise cat eye; Just pressure to get better and better at applying makeup and in different genres; vintage, pinup, editorial, commercial, special name it...I want to be good at it.

Do you deal with them differently than the ones in your previous job?

Not really I still talk things out when I have a problem. I have a makeup mentor who I get the best advice from. She has been in the industry much longer than me.

Lulu is much happier with her life now that she is pursuing her passion. She exudes it. It is very inspiring.


c. bsm '12

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