Sunday, July 29, 2012

Help Wanted


I responded to the ad for the blogger job of my dreams. Funny blogger needed for a new productNot a product description, just a regular post… You pick the topic, you decide the length; all it needed was a link. It was the perfect gig. The ad said it was for a fun drinking accessory. Even though I don’t drink, I eagerly applied.

We go to bars every night for trivia. Many of my posts are set in bars. Most of my friends drink, so they can fill me in on the necessary details. How cool is this? I thought.

The rep from the company tentatively said, “I’m not so sure that this is the right product for your blog.”  

My blog? Who said anything about MY blog. This was for their blog, I had thought. I guess I had overlooked that detail.

Not one to be dissuaded, I proceeded to explain to her, point by point, why it would indeed, be a perfect fit. By the end of the conversation, she was so excited, praising my ability to think “outside the box.”

I guess I hadn’t realized exactly what sort of box. I really should have made the connection when I realized the name of the product was Boobzie. But I was so excited about the prospect of the gig, it just didn’t resonate with me that it was for a boob-shaped beer koozie. 

Only after I had contacted her and agreed to do three posts did I realize exactly what they were selling. While the first thought after my initial shock was, no problem, I can do this. I thought it would be a huge laugh.

But I was kind of worried. What sort of response will I get from this? I’m not sure that my audience will appreciate it. I’m trying to be a serious blogger, what if, what if….

I berated myself for a good part of the afternoon. I called a friend who I thought would think it was funny, and would give me the necessary pep talk I needed to do it. He surprised me, saying, I really think you should back out of this.

While I understood his reasoning, I was so disappointed. I really thought it would be a riot, and I like a good challenge.

Now I was berating myself with new thoughts. But…but…I’m a problem solver; I can do this. I can’t back out now.

I was very tempted to tell the lady I was no longer interested, but first, I poured my heart out to my dreamy boyfriend, who I had purposely avoided consulting with because I thought he would talk me out of it. He made a face, but he surprised me by giving me suggestions on how I could make it work.

Of course he made fun of me the whole rest of the day about it.

So I finished the job. It was not without it’s struggles though. It seemed to be one misunderstanding after another.  I thought one of the “girls,” as they’re called, said 'GOT MILK?’ on her shirt Perfect for a post on breastfeeding, no? Upon it's arrival I found out that that’s not what it said after all. It said something that I would soon find out was actually a little obscene.

The worst part is that I had ordered two of them to give to the lactation nurse and the mother I interviewed. Leslie didn’t want hers, and I was too embarrassed to give the other to the nurse I had talked to.

My friend Lauri, another breastfeeding mother wanted one, though, and I was able to give the other one away.

Needless to say, I am glad I didn't bail. Boobzie is a fun company and great to work for.

c. 2012

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